Casa Mediodía Bed and Breakfast Inn/Mini-Resort


Directions from Tecate Mexico to the

Turnoff into Campo 9

Google Map Directions: I-5 in San Diego to Casa Mediodia B&B

Directions to our home from Highway 23.

Directions from Highway 23 to our house.

1. About 11 (19Km) miles from the Maneadero turn-off, just past the turn off to Lobera look for our signs on the side of the road.   The first building you will see is a green guard shack on the left with CAMPO NUEVE over the roof . (You   We have small signs on both sides of the road for “Casa Mediodia Bed and Breakfast”. There are also large signs for “International Cruz Homes and Lots for sale”.  Turn LEFT onto the dirt road next to the green guard shack.

2. Continue onto the Dirt Road and turn Right at the fork in the road that cuts across the Punta Banda peninsula .  We have a “Bed and Breakfast” sign at the “Y”  Before that you should also see a sign with an arrow to “Campo 9”. This road is graded irregularly, and is safe for a normal vehicle.

3. Continue to Camp 9 for about two kilometers  follow the terrain around two small canyons.  Continue until you get to a gate with a white Guard Shack.  If the guard is there tell him who you are and you can follow the signs.  You can continue up the hill.  Please let us know if you will be arriving late after 7pm.

4. You will see our Casa Mediodia Bed and Breakfast signpointing to continue forward on the dirt road straight ahead.

5. Bear the right  and continue up the road to our next B&B sign and make that right turn up the hill.

6. Turn Left in the driveway at the CHECK-IN sign at the top of the hill.

7. You will see 4 houses.  We live in the top brick red painted house. The two yellow houses are our bed and breakfast rooms where you will be staying.  The clubhouse is a red brick color.  The bocce court is in between the buildings.

8. Come on in and REGISTER and enjoy your stay with us.

NOTE: Follow the directions we give you. GPS cannot get you to our house.  GPS will place you on a blocked road.

Printable PDF directions: I-5 at Border to Casa Mediodia B&B